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fall family fun

In the Sacramento Valley we wait not so patiently and yearn for the arrival of Fall. Those of us who are natually optimistic wear things like boots and scarves and sweaters, and those of us who know better, see the rest of you removing them one by one as the “fall weather” soars into temperatures more suited to months like May and June. We obsessively watch the forecast as if we expect the weather girl to say, “Wow! Now that’s unusual. It’s 62 degrees outside in October. Time for heavy sweaters and hot apple cider!” Instead we get, “Today’s high is 82 which is average for this time of year.” Heavy (scarfless & bootless) sigh.

In order to fully invest in fall before Thanksgiving arrives, we have compiled a list of things we consider to be fall fun.  We hope you will find some new things to enjoy, and let us know in the comment section if you have ideas we can try. Happy Fall!

  1. Carve pumpkins
  2.  Roast pumpkin seeds
  3. Go tree shaking
  4. Go for a fall foliage walk
  5. Go to Apple Hill
  6. Pick apples
  7. Bake yummy things
  8. Light candles and put twinkle lights all over the house
  9. Decorate for fall
  10. Create something (Pinterest is loaded with craft ideas for grown ups and kids)
  11. Bake pumpkin pie
  12. Watch football (I’ve added my favorite team’s schedule-you’re welcome!!)
  13. Nap in cozy blankets
  14. Make a blanket & pillow fort
  15. Backyard bonfire
  16. Fall organization 
  17. Trick or Treat
  18. Movie marathon or watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  19. Make and/or eat caramel apples
  20. Plant bulbs
  21. Plan for Thanksgiving
  22. Take a flashlight walk at night
  23. Be the Great Pumpkin (anonymously gift a friend a fall treat)
  24. Set a reminder to plant pumpkin seeds next spring
  25. Attend fall festivals
  26. Celebrate Friendsgiving (a silly link, enjoy!)
  27. Eat homemade cookies by candle or firelight



I am a Children's Pastor. I have the incredible privilege of serving the children and families of Sunrise Community Church. It is my prayer that kids who attend our church or special programs will come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way, and internalize these truths: God knows me, God loves me, God has a plan for me.

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